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International relations A meeting with a special researcher of the Sino-Russian Institute for strategic studies was held at the Development Corporation of Kamchatka

A business trip to Kamchatka of Zou Qixian, an independent economic expert, a special researcher at the Sino–Russian Institute for Strategic Studies of Tsinghua University, in Beijing, almost coincided with the state visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping to Moscow.

At a meeting at the Corporation, a representative of Chinese expert and scientific circles rightly noted that the course of our states towards further development of strategic partnership should be complemented by the development of economic, political and regional humanitarian ties, strengthening interaction between business and banking communities, development and educational institutions. The route of Zou Qixian's trip to Russia is not limited to Kamchatka. His next waypoints will be Moscow and St. Petersburg, where he intends to meet with banking circles. With them, Zou Qixian plans to discuss the ways to increase the use of the national currencies of the two countries in the growing trade turnover between Russia and China, as well as the possibility of forming a new international monetary system based on the symbiosis of the national Chinese bank transfer system (CIPS) and the Russian financial messaging system (SPFS). The Chinese expert will speak up on same topics to teachers and students of the St. Petersburg State University of Economics. The Kamchatka trip of Zou Qixian's trip includes the study of possible areas of investment interest in the region of capital from China. At the meeting with the head of the Corporation, the Chinese expert named two main areas – the fishing sector and tourism. Regarding the fishing industry, the representatives of KDC expressed their interest in replacing supplies of raw materials to the Chinese market with products of deep processing, and in attracting investments, advanced technologies and highly productive equipment to the industry. Zou Qixian was sympathetic to the position of KDC. Chinese business has a certain interest in creating seafood processing enterprises directly in the areas of bio-resource extraction. Zou Qixian assessed the potential of investments from China in Kamchatka tourism with restraint. He considers it to be problematic until the flow of his compatriots as guests to the peninsula reaches a certain amount. Therefore, in this direction, Zou Qixian considers the immediate task to promotion of the tourism potential of Kamchatka in China as the current priority. The negotiations ended with an agreement on the preparation of a cooperation agreement between KDC and the institutions represented by Zou Qixian on a wide range of issues of mutual interest.
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