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Vladimir Solodov presented Vladimir Putin with a master plan for developing Kamchatka's capital during the head of state's visit to the peninsula. Read more
Construction of a pig farm Construction of a pig farm with an annual capacity of up to 36,000 heads in Lesnoy settlement, Yelizovsky district, Kamchatka Territory Read more
Ways to attract investment in the development of the infrastructure potential of the BRICS+ regions were discussed in Kamchatka An international research-to-practice conference titled 'Ways to Attract Investment in the Development of Infrastructure Potential of BRICS+ Regions' was held in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky at the Far Eastern Branch of the All-Russian Academy of Foreign Trade of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation. Read more
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16.05.2023 Kamchatka business is ready to cooperate with Chinese colleagues
Regional government
12.04.2023 Development Corporation of Kamchatka is empowered with the functions of a regional development agency
03.04.2023 Kamchatka producers presented products with export potential
International relations
31.03.2023 A meeting with a special researcher of the Sino-Russian Institute for strategic studies was held at the Development Corporation of Kamchatka
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Why Kamchatka?

Let's contribute to Kamchatka's development! Be at the origins of Kamchatka becoming an oasis of International Tourism. The President pays special attention to the development of Kamchatka Territory.

It's time to invest in Kamchatka!

Favourable tax system
Tourism and recreation resources
Reserves of aquatic, biological and mineral resources
Land of contrasts
Vacant niches in many sectors of economy

In historic times for Kamchatka, when the most important facilities such as the international airport and the regional hospital are being built, construction is of particular interest to residents of Kamchatka and everyone expects changes as soon as possible.


How many untouched slopes there are for ski tourism. How many undiscovered locations for hiking. Kamchatka is such a beautiful land that not all places are even explored from the air.

Creative industries

Get your niche in one of the most solvent regions of the country! Kamchatka receives up to 85% of all goods consumed in the region through its main seaport. There is a great opportunity to set up manufacturing companies.


Enough fish for everyone! Kamchatka catches more than 1 million tons of bioresources annually. There are still not enough facilities for deep processing.


Kamchatka is gaining intercontinental importance in the global transport system. The presence of a non-freezing port on the North Sea Route and a favourable geographical location at the crossroads of air routes opens up prospects for the creation of a transport hub at the intersection of routes linking America, South-East Asia and Europe.

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The Presidium of the Government Commission recognized the Kamchatka shipbuilding project as a priority
The Kamchatka delegation took part in the forum summed up the results of the implementation of the regional investment standard in the Russian Federation
WILL KAMCHATKA BECOME RUSSIA'S LARGEST RENEWABLE ENERGY CENTER? Russian and foreign businesses believe that this is possible
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